Major events at Dharma Drum Mountain in 2022 : The Great Bodhi Mind
Looking back to the year 2022, when there was still chaos in the world, while the Dharma Drum Mountain Sangha proactively developed internet platforms to promote on-line classes and programs for social care activities, Chan sitting meditation, and daily Buddhist practice, to help people calm and settle their body and mind, learning to coexist with the pandemic. In the second half of the year, as in-person Dharma propagation activity resumed operation, various Chan practice events, Dharma assemblies, and Buddhist study courses also restarted, with even more energy. The year marked the 30th anniversary of Master Sheng Yen proposing the idea of Protecting the Spiritual Environment, so Dharma Drum Mountain organized a series of special lectures and exhibitions to help people explore their mind and expand their spiritual vision, finding inner balance, peace, and stability. As we enter 2023, may everyone diligently cultivate blessings and wisdom, helping others while developing self-awareness, continuing to light up the world with warmth.

Major Events at Dharma Drum Mountain

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