Major Events at Dharma Drum Mountain in 2012
Back in 1992, Master Sheng Yen proposed his vision for Protecting the Spiritual Environment. To celebrate its 20th anniversary the year 2012 was designated the "Year of Protecting the Spiritual Environment, and various public Chan practice activities were held, including the "i-Relay—Protecting the Spiritual Environment," "Use Chan to Bathe the Mind, Use the Mind to Bathe the Buddha," and "Meeting Chan," as an endeavor to promote the ideal of Protecting the Spiritual Environment worldwide. At the same time, the "Water-Moon Dharma Center" was completed toward the end of the year. Its innovative landscape design embodies profound Buddhist principles, reminding people that in all environments by protecting the spiritual environment we can bring the power of stability to ourselves and society.

Major Events at Dharma Drum Mountain

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