Major events at Dharma Drum Mountain in 2021: Peace and Ease
In 2021, as the coronavirus pandemic was still rampant, causing disruption around the world, Dharma Drum Mountain nevertheless continued to commit to bringing peace of mind to people with the power of religious faith. Given the new trend of digitalization, it not only organized various forms of online Dharma assemblies to enable devotees at home or abroad to participate at any time and place, either for prayer or group practice; also made available are online regular practice activities, cloud-based refuge taking ceremonies, cross-border virtual Chan retreats, and Master Sheng Yen’s audio books series, now accessible on major podcast platforms. In addition, its deathbed chanting aid service has also adopted the mode of video-conferencing. Despite the pandemic, Dharma Drum Mountain’s threefold education endeavor and international Dharma propagation efforts haven’t been compromised. Instead, through cloud-based connectivity, it has further sought to bring more blessings for the world, by exploring innovative ways to share the Dharma beyond the limitations of time and space.

While welcoming 2022, may you and I arouse the great bodhi mind, make good wishes and practice good deeds, to transform the distress and disasters around the globe. And let us pray that the pandemic can soon be over, so that people can again enjoy peace of mind, living in safety and harmony.

Major Events at Dharma Drum Mountain

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