Dharma Drum Mountain’s annual theme for 2022
Given all the troubles in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, how should the public find a refuge for their stressed bodies and minds, the method to release their pain and distress, and, ultimately, liberation of their minds?

For 2022, Dharma Drum Mountain has chosen “The Great Bodhi Mind” as its annual theme, to encourage people to generate and develop a great bodhi mind, thereby transforming their mental and emotional distress in life into the compassion and wisdom to benefit self and others. By showing care and concern for all beings, we can gradually and naturally eliminate our personal affliction and distress.

What is the great bodhi mind? How do we generate the bodhi mind? Watch the film and follow Master Sheng Yen’s guidance and you will find the essential key to Buddhist practice, Let us together cultivate the perfection of it without obstructions, by walking the bodhisattva path with joy in the Dharma.

Major Events at Dharma Drum Mountain

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