Major events at Dharma Drum Mountain in 2020: Nurture Blessings, and You Will be Blessed
In 2020, with the global pandemic of novel coronavirus as a challenge in our life marked by impermanence, Dharma Drum Mountain made an extra effort to calm people’s mind through the power of religion. To be in line with the disease prevention measures, it organized a series of online Dharma assemblies to pray for the world, and offered various online group practice activities, streamed in real time at its branch practice centers at home and abroad, for practitioners to continue with their practice during the pandemic. In addition, its social care work, including visits and emergency relief efforts, as well as academic exchange activities were never compromised despite the pandemic. Its lay and monastic practitioners continued to uphold Master Sheng Yen’s compassionate vow, consistently dedicated to promoting the purification of human minds and enhancing world peace and harmony.

A revised version, the Memorial Edition of Complete Works of Master Sheng Yen 2020 comprising altogether 108 books was published. Dharma Drum Mountain expects to give the collection to interested centers for Chinese studies and major libraries around the world, for Master Sheng Yen’s insight to be shared with global readers.

To welcome the year 2021, let’s pray that we can all use the calming power of Buddhist practice to help transform distress and suffering in the world, enabling everyone to truly enjoy peace and ease.

Major Events at Dharma Drum Mountain

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