Master Sheng Yen’s Naughty Childhood (10) : Looking After an Old Monk
The war was finally over, but the military remained stationed in the Guangjiao Monastery, creating a fighting atmosphere that kept away devotees. One day, a seriously ill old travelling monk was found fainted at the monastery, and the abbot asked Chang Jin to look after the monk. Concerned and worried about the monk’s unstable situation, Chang Jin nevertheless patiently took care to look after him every day.
Did the old monk finally recover in the end? Could the Guangjiao Monastery resume its glory as it was before the war? And, having witnessed all the transience in lives and things around him, in what way was Chang Jin inspired?
We hope this final episode of the Master Sheng Yen’s Naughty Childhood series gives you a glimpse into the Master’ youth years, and an insight of how he emulated and learned to act like Guanyin Bodhisattva, by putting his compassion into action, and holding a steadfast life-long aspiration despite all the challenges he encountered.

Master Sheng Yen’s Naughty Childhood

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