About Ven. Guo Huei, the sixth-term abbot president of Dharma Drum Mountain
Ordained at Nung Chan Monastery in 1985, Ven. Guo Huei was one of Master Sheng Yen’s first group of monastic disciples. He also followed the Master’s footsteps by obtaining a PhD from Rissho University in Japan. Since 2018, after becoming DDM abbot president, the venerable has continued to guide practitioners in their practice for self-cultivation and self-transformation, and engaged more in Dharma propagation and exchange worldwide, in a restless effort to uplift the status of Chinese Buddhism.

This short film shows how Ven. Guo Huei vowed to repay his teacher’s kindness by dedicating himself to sharing the Buddha’s teachings, while incorporating his personal practice into his daily duties and care activities. Under his leadership, DDM will continue to help enable the sound of Dharma to keep spreading extensively, resonating throughout the world.

The Vision of Dharma Drum Mountain

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