New Year blessings for 2024, from Dharma Drum Mountain abbot president Ven. Guo Huei
For the year 2024, Dharma Drum Mountain has chosen “A World of Blessings” as its annual theme to encourage people to, in all circumstances, take good care of their minds, to be grateful at all times, and to always cherish their blessings, thereby initiating the wholesome circle and realizing peace
and harmony in its true sense.
The DDM abbot present urge people to use the Buddha’s teaching as an antidote to chaos and confusion in the world, practice the concepts and methods of the Fivefold Spiritual Renaissance Campaign for self-growth and inner peace, and show care for people around us with actions, continuing to bring calm to the world with the power of peace, well-being, and mutual
In this new year, may all make a good wish for the benefit of self and others, as a prayer for the world. And let us engage in the bodhisattva deeds, to bring peace and happiness to the world, making it a world of blessings.

Chinese New Year Addresses

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