New year blessings for 2021, from Dharma Drum Mountain abbot president Ven. Guo Huei
Dharma Drum Mountain has chosen “Peace and Ease” as its annul theme for the year 2021, and invites members of the public to take good care of their minds, practice the wisdom of no-self, and embrace compassion for the benefit of others, thereby perfecting their bodhisattva deeds.

DDM abbot president Ven. Guo Huei encourages people to emulate Guanyin Bodhisattva in calming self and others, while practicing empathy, tolerance, and loving care to help bring stability to society. In this new year, let us jointly make good wishes for the world, and pray that the coronavirus pandemic can soon end, for all people to enjoy peace and ease, living their lives with freedom in merit and wisdom.


Chinese New Year Addresses

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