Transmitting the Light of Dharma assembly 2022: Abiding in the present
This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Protecting the Spiritual Environment campaign proposed by Master Sheng Yen, as well as the 13th anniversary of his passing away. This short film, titled “Remembering Our Teacher’s Kindness” and played at the Arising Great Compassion with Continual Vows: Dharma Drum Mountain’s Transmitting the Light of Dharma ceremony, features an excerpt of his Dharma talk given in 2004 for an audience of some 700 people, at invitation of the University of Sydney, Australia, on Chan and Protecting the Spiritual Environment.

In the film, Master Sheng Yen reminded people that life is full of unexpected ups and downs, with the reality of impermanence constantly affecting our body and troubling our mind. But as long as we can use the methods for protecting the spiritual environment by applying the concepts of Chan practice in our daily life, we will be able to keep our mind in peace, making it bright with open-mindedness. Abide in the present, and you will enjoy freedom and ease right in the here and now. Let us all receive the Master’s enlightening words while remembering his kindness, and uphold his teaching of Dharma, to attain spiritual liberation and stability.

Transmitting the Light of Dharma

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