Passing on the Lamp of Wisdom at Dharma Drum Mountain, 2019:Thus have I vowed
The year 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of Dharma Drum Mountain founder Master Sheng Yen’s passing. With “Thus Have I Vowed” as the theme, DDM would like to encourage devotees to make good wishes, put them into practice, and invite more people to make good wishes, as a way to repay the Master's kindness in the Dharma.

The Transmitting the Light of Dharma assembly on February 16, 2019 will feature a short film entitled “Thus Have I Vowed” to remember the founder, about how he vowed to plow the way, shared the Dharma globally, and eventually established DDM, a pure land on earth. As the Buddha told his disciples when he was about to enter Nirvana: “Rely on the Dharma. Rely on self.” Master Sheng Yen also used the Buddha’s words to urge his disciples to continue to build the Dharma Drum Mountain as conceived in their minds.

In grateful commemoration of the Master’s compassionate vows and actions, we invite people to make a good wish by vowing to use Buddhist light and radiation to illuminate darkness and bring warmth to people, and keep pressing forward in the direction of Dharma Drum Mountain.

2019法鼓傳燈法會影片 -如是我願 英文版

About Master Sheng Yen

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