Lieve直播2018/06/27(三)上午09:00~16:00 進行「世界佛教村座談會」,歡迎觀看與共修 (點撃直接進入直播頁面)。  
Story of Master Sheng Yen Guided by Guanyin Bodhisattva 5: Exploring the Wilderness with the Moon
After attaining his PhD in Japan, Master Sheng Yen travelled to the US on invitation to spread Chinese Chan Buddhism, where he had to overcome language and cultural barriers with a pioneer spirit. As he had just started to settle in to life in New York as a Dharma teacher, he was forced to return to Taiwan due to Ven. Dong Chu’s passing, and from then on had to divide his time between Taiwan and the US every three months, sharing the Dharma around by acting as a monk often on travels.

Master Sheng Yen Guided by Guanyin Bodhisattva

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