Passing on the Lamp of Wisdom at Dharma Drum Mountain,2019:The Three Vows of Master Sheng Yen
At the beginning of each year, Master Sheng Yen would urge people to make good wishes for themselves and make great vows for sentient beings. With the wishes and vows as guidelines, we give of ourselves while adapting to conditions as they arise, and support other people’s efforts in their wholesome wishes, to help create a better world. In one of his Dharma talks, the Master also shared his three vows: praying to the Buddha and Bodhisattva to help me fulfill my vow to benefit others; praying that my disciples develop a persevering mind to benefit others and self; and praying that sentient beings diligently practice the Dharma, and thereby attain liberation from afflictions.

For year 2019, let us all make a good wish and make it come true. Put your wish into action, and thereby bring fortune to the world.


About Master Sheng Yen

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